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Live from the trail 05/09/2013

2013 May 11

Low Gap Shelter to Rocky Mountain campsite

Includes Unicoi Gap crossing and Tray Mountain details

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  1. Ryan Woolsey permalink
    May 11, 2013

    Good to see Survivor Man again.

    You keep this up, you’re gonna persuade me to do this someday.

    Good luck!

    • May 11, 2013

      It’s a GREAT hike. This section (Georgia) is tough but there are plenty of towns, lots of water, and tons of little hidden campsites. It makes getting started pretty safe, and more enjoyable. If you can handle all the rough geography… Come on out and see for yourself! :)

      Oh, and it’s great BEING Survivorman again. So many great memories came back along this hike.

      • Ryan Woolsey permalink
        May 11, 2013

        How long are the two of you hiking… days/miles?

        • May 11, 2013

          I’m actually done today in Hiawassee – GREAT trail town, last one in Georgia. That was 5 days, 70 miles. Darren is heading to either Fontana or Franklin depending on progress, in another week or so.

          I’m getting out before the really tough stuff (Bly Gap just over the border and Albert Mountain just before Franklin) but don’t tell him that. :)

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