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Tales of the Trail (part 11)

2011 June 23

Just as Tilia was thinking to herself that she was free and clear of Salix, the Duke of Blood Mountain, her father King Philip appeared in the library doorway. Tilia’s confidence wavered slightly when she saw him, bu tall her father had to say was, “We will talk in the morning.”

As Philip walked back to his quarters, he reran the conversation through his head. The King was a powerful man, but he was not a patient one. So he had not beat around the bush:

“Salix, the reason I asked you to dinner tonight was to see if you might be interested in marrying my daughter. Now, before you answer one way or the other, I would like to talk terms. Tilia is to be queen, and I do not mean in name only. I have been training her since she was small in the ways of the kingdom. If you married Tilia, you would be king but Tilia would be the ruler of Katahdin. Also, this would be a rather unusual betrothal, in that the marriage would not occur until Tilia is 21. There is still more I need to teach her in preparation to be Queen.”

The Duke looked back at the King a bit flabbergasted, but quickly recovered. “She is a beautiful young woman, but she never even spoke at dinner. I feel she may be a little too meek for me, but if you throw in that blonde servant girl we may have a deal.”

"The King, glowering at the Duke, replied in a low gravelly voice that barely contained his anger, “If you marry my daughter a little discretion will be required!” The Duke quickly apologized and asked, “May I have one week’s time to think this over?” The King curtly nodded his consent and Salix bowed and quickly left the room.


… until next time/shelter …

Survivorman and Muggle

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