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Tales of the Trail (part 10)

2011 June 9

Tilia quickly got dressed in her nicest gown. As her maid Lily helped her into her corset, Tilia promised herself to be the worst possible company at dinner in an attempt to dissuade the Duke from accepting her father’s proposal.

As she came down the stairs into the dining room, she saw her father and mother already seated at the table. The Duke was there as well and when they were introduced, he barely looked at her much less acknowledged her. As dinner progressed, her father and the Duke talked of politics, war strategies, and farming techniques. Tilia kept her promise and was almost completely silent, only speaking when spoken to.

After dinner, the men excused themselves to the library for what Tilia assumed would be the serious business of marriage terms. After more than an hour the Duke came out of the library, nodded to Tilia and her mother, and abruptly left the castle. Tilia began grinning, believing the Duke’s abrupt departure indicated that the Duke of Blood Mountain had not agreed to her father’s terms. The way the Duke treated Tilia made her believe further he was uninterested.


… until next time/shelter …

Survivorman and Muggle

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  1. Mom and pop hass permalink
    June 16, 2011

    what? what? what? You leave us hanging!

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