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Tales of the Trail (part 9)

2011 June 7

Tilia was sitting in the kitchen enjoying a mid-afternoon snack when she heard two of the servant girls whispering. She only able to catch a little bit of what they were saying,

“… I heard he is 35 years old!”


And then the girls fell into hysterical giggles. Tilia wasn’t exactly sure who they were speaking about, but she got a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

At around 5pm, King Philip started looking for Tilia. Dinner would start within the hour and the Duke would be here in a few minutes. Philip knocked on Tilia’s bedroom door, only to find her laying in bed. Tilia was startled by her father’s sudden entrance, “Father, I’m not feeling well enough to come down to dinner.”

The king retorted, “You will get up this second and get ready. I will call Lily to come help you get dressed. If you are not downstairs in 20 minutes there will be severe consequences.”

“Father! He’s 35!”

Philip whipped around and asked, “Where did you hear that?”

Tilia sputtered, “In the kitchen.”

Philip began ranting about the rumor mill that is the kitchen. He stomped out of the room, but before he left he turned to his daughter and ordered he rout of bed. Tilia saw there was no negotiating with him, so she slowly got out of bed and began getting ready to meet the Duke of Blood Mountain.


… until next time/shelter …

Survivorman and Muggle

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