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A Quick Trip Home

2011 June 1
by Elizabeth

We left the trail.

But just for a week. We’ve had several home appliances go awry while we’ve been on the trail (we are referring to it as the great appliance conspiracy of 2011). A garage door stopped working and a washing machine needed to be repaired at our house. Then it was discovered that the hot water heater at our empty rental property had broken and leaked through the sub floor.

The first two appliance woes were easy fixes since our house-sitters (my amazing sister and brother-in-law) could easily take care of them. However, the water heater was a different matter. We had to have multiple people look at it, take pictures and file an insurance claim. Really not crazy difficult things to do–unless of course you are currently living in a tent and only have cell phone coverage about once a week. It’s taken several weeks to get that in order–it’s been a pain, but we have been handling it.

Then last Friday, we were hiking toward the end of the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and we decided to turn our phones on and see if we got a signal as we headed into Waynesboro. We did and we had a message. It seems there was an offer on our rental property. We have had this property on and off the market for the last several years. It’s really small and no one has ever even made an offer on it, so this was a big surprise! We were really excited about the prospect of selling the property and having one less payment to worry about while we were gone, so we immediately hitched into town to start making calls. The sale was complicated by the fact that we are out of state, and the water heater and subfloor all needed to be fixed/replaced before we could continue with the sale. So after three frustrating days at a hotel faxing things back and forth and trying to get plumbers and electricians to show up and determine how much it would cost to fix everything we finally decided to rent a car, drive home and see if we could just take care of this stuff once and for all.

So there we were. In Anderson. Sleeping in our own bed and getting to see family and friends for the first time in 3 months. We really wondered if coming home was the right move. Renting a car is expensive and taking a whole week off the trail may mean we won’t actually finish the trail before we have to return in August. However, since we came home, the electrician, plumber, relator, and everyone else involved has been amazing at making sure everything gets done quickly so we can return as soon as possible.

So all in all, it was a great trip home. The timing couldn’t have been better since we were able to take care of a few other things while we were home like Liz seeing a doctor, being able to easily and quickly get prescriptions filled, and replacing the battery on our car–I wonder if the car was involved in the appliance conspiracy as well?

So now we are BACK. We hiked today for the first time in about a week and let me tell you our bodies let us hear about it! Everything felt ‘off’ today. But we ended it with a burger, so we’re certain tomorrow will be better. If all goes as planned we’ll have another for dinner tomorrow – we love these Shenandoah Waysides!

So until Front Royal…
Happy trails!

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