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Tales of the Trail (part 7)

2011 May 31

As Lily brushed Tilia’s hair, they talked about the upcoming tournament. Tilia wondered why her father was insisting on her presence at the tournament.

Lily said, “Don’t you know your father is preparing to rule this kingdom?" You need to understand that what your father is doing is pretty remarkable. He is breaking with tradition by appointing his daughter as heir to the throne and not your cousin who is next in line. You should feel special and lucky. Since you will be leader of this country, you will be given a lot of latitude. You will be able to do so much more than other women your age. For example, you are already sixteen years old. You should be preparing for your wedding day instead of worrying about attending a tournament, but your father has more planned for you.”

Tilia then confided to her maid that her father had invited Salix, the Duke of Blood Mountain, to the tournament and the king intended to broach the topic of a possible marriage between the two. Tilia then burst into tears and Lily held her close and comforted her.


.. until next time/shelter …

Survivorman and Muggle

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  1. Jullie Humeniuk permalink
    June 1, 2011

    HiJohn & Liz!

    I loved following your journey and the amzaing stories.

    Get ready for a warm welcoming in Maryland – known as the land of pleasant living! we can’t wait for your arrival and enjoy a few days with us Maryland style before we send you on your way.

    Can’t wait to see you.

    Jullie & Steve Humeniuk

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