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Tales of the Trail (part 6)

2011 May 26

“No, no, NO!” yelled Philip, “that is NOT how a queen would conduct herself!” Have you been listening to anything I’ve said these past few weeks?” Tilia looked imploringly at her mother hoping for a little help, but none was to be found. Over the last year, the King had really stepped up his training. Not only was Tilia learning the typical things like history of the region, regional languages and party hosting, but her father had begun teaching her to think politically and act strategically. Unfortunately, as Tilia listened to her father’s continued criticisms, she began to think that her father would have preferred to have a son.


Felix and Rufus were sparring in the barn. As they both recovered from Rufus’ hard-fought victory, Felix panted, “You have really improved! Have you considered entering the tournament in the capitol?”  “No Uncle! I’ve already told you that I’m not interested! Besides, I’m not that good anyway!”  Felix looked back at him with pride in his eyes and said, “Not that good? You’ve finally beat me fairly for the first time!” Rufus laughed and said,  “I’ve only ever sparred against you and you’re just my uncle, just an old man!”  Felix scoffed, “Maybe you should have paid closer attention in your studies. You may be surprised to find out just how good you are to have bested me.”


… until next time/shelter …

Survivorman and Muggle

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