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Trail Magic and the month of May

2011 May 25

The month of May has offered a lot of trail magic for us!

For starters, a good friend of Muggle’s from high school, Carrie Kirkpatrick, pick us up from the trail near Pearisburg, VA and shuttled us around all afternoon. We were able to eat enormous amounts of Mexican food (to celebrate Cinco de Mayo), get resupplied at Wal-Mart and settled in at a nice inn. All of those places were WAY out of walking distance, so we really appreciated Carrie driving out of her way to help us out. Plus, it was really good to see a familiar face and hang out with her for the afternoon. Although she did say her trip to Wal-Mart was one of the strangest Wal-Mart experiences she’s ever had, and that’s saying something. I’m not sure why–seems pretty normal to us to us to buy the highest calorie, fatty foods we can find…

When we got to the side trail to Dragon’s Tooth–which is basically a treacherous rock scramble I’d never like to do again, at least not with a full backpack–there was a sign letting us know there was trail magic out there. So that settled it. We would go see Dragon’s Tooth. Some crazy guy named The Magician’s Nephew lugged a cooler of orange juice and sweet treats up the scramble. He is a braver man than I.

While enjoying a break up there we ran into a local couple, Kenny and Kathy. As we parted ways, they handed us a card with their name and contact information and told us when we got to Daleville to look them up and they’d put us up in their own home and feed us! We thought, “This is too good to be true. Hope they aren’t axe murderers.” When we got to Daleville all the hotels were booked up for a graduation (Darn you Virginia Tech!) and I was sick and needed to see a doctor. So we decided to call Kenny and Kathy–they came straight out and picked us up and welcomed us into their home as if we were long-time friends. We ended up staying for three nights while both John and I recovered. We even were able to do a little slack-packing while we were there so we didn’t lose too much trail time. We couldn’t express enough how grateful we were, so after MANY MANY thank yous, we left them with an Amazon gift card to seed future trail magic and were on our way.

From there we hit the miles hard into Waynesboro, VA. Here they have a list of ‘Trail Angels’ to call who will drive you around town. Waynesboro is by far the most hiker-friendly town we have been in! We got a ride into town, around town, then back out to the trail from that list… while in town, people actively supported us. When we were looking at our map of town to make sure we were heading the right direction, a guy pulled off the street into a parking lot, crossed the street, and asked if he could help us find something. Amazing! The church hostel was really great, and the Quality Inn was nice also. There will be a post coming about our stay in Waynesboro — four days off! We got a lot accomplished while here, but it burned the days we gained back getting here in terms of our schedule.

That’s a problem for another day. We have sun, we have a ride back to the trail, and we are READY to hit the trail again and tackle the Shenandoah National Park. Next stop, Front Royal and our bounce box which has our laptop and will let us write many more posts we have planned. Until then…

Happy trails!

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  1. Mary Ridenour permalink
    May 26, 2011

    I love this post. Mostly due to the part about the community of Waynesboro. It’s so refreshing to hear tell of places that are warm and giving. How nice it would be to be part of a community like that!

    What an amazing adventure you two are on! Enjoy! I look forward to the posts and videos, keep em coming!

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