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Pit-stop around Atkins, VA

2011 May 9

Two miles into our hike towards Atkins and a resupply, Liz’s feet would go no further. We hit a road that was obviously lightly used and started walking toward the closest town. Hopefully heading in the right direction, we stuck our thumb out for every passing car. A minivan drove by then went out of sight, but returned a few minutes later. Salvation! Liz was hurting pretty badly, and the advice we got over Easter said she needed antibiotics for her big toe. A very nice couple dropped us off at the Mount Rogers Welcome Center (which happened to even be in the right direction) and drove away.

Now, however, we had a new problem. Where were we, and how did we get antibiotics? Our cell phones had no service, but there was a free phone at the welcome center. We called a few places but if you’ve ever tried to see a doctor when you’re out of town you know it’s VERY complicated. So our next call? Enterprise Rent-a-car!

Now, after nearly 2 months, I found myself behind the wheel of a car. What an experience! We could go ANYWHERE and do ANYTHING! Where to start?

Muggle had some antibiotics in our bounce box, which was almost two weeks away (by foot), but just a 90 minute drive in a car. Yes, I understand how lame that sounds, and it’s a bit depressing. But hey, that’s us living the dream, right? So we drove to Daleville/Troutville, picked up our box, and got a room for the night. We figured while we were there why not replace our shoes? They were good for 600 miles and we were already at 550. So, a quick visit to Amazon landed us overnighted replacement shoes. We visited the local (and WONDERFUL) gear shop named Outdoor Trails to swap out NeoAir sleeping pad and buy some new socks and BANG we’re back in business.

On our way back to Atkins to figure out our next step we started talking birthday celebration since we had a car and were close to Muggle’s birthday. When out of the BLUE there arises over the horizon of exits a MOVIE THEATER! What better way to celebrate than to see a movie like Source Code? Nothing but the best for my lady!

On our way out of town we got a few calls from home that required some more time and attention. So while we stuck around Atkins (we actually moved into Marion at this point for cheaper hotel rates and easier dining), we did what’s called a reverse slack pack. It’s called “slack” because we left the majority of our gear in the hotel and only carried a day’s supply of food. It’s called “reverse” because Muggle started in Atkins walking south while I drove south and walked north toward her. We met about halfway, handed off the keys and continued on.

The only hitch in our giddyup was that I parked the car in the Mount Rogers Welcome Center parking lot, which closes by locked gate at 4:30pm and Muggle got there at 6. Doh! Luckily she and a couple other hikers got that figured out, and she got back safely to Atkins.

Now we are geared up, healed up, and back on the trail. Ready to hit some big miles, our spirits are up and we’re ready to hike.

Happy Trails!

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  1. Shannon permalink
    May 9, 2011

    So glad that Libby’s aka Muggle’s feet are doing better.

  2. May 9, 2011

    Wow! Great story. Glad you two are doing well and had a good time resting/running around getting things done. Keep it up!

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