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Uncle Johnny’s Hostel

2011 April 30

We had scarcely arrived at No Business Knob shelter before a thunderstorm of epic proportions rolled in, complete with marble-sized hail. We were thankful for a roof over our heads that night, even if there were only 3 walls. At this point, it had been 5 long, hard days since Hot Springs–this also means 5 days since a shower and both of us were excitedly talking about getting into town, showering and eating massive portions of food.

It was only a 6-mile walk before we got to Erwin, or at least to Uncle Johnny’s Hostel which is situated right on the AT. Uncle Johnny’s is a rustic-looking joint, but the employees are friendly and quick to help you with anything you need. Within 30 minutes of arriving we were showered and in a shuttle on our way to an all you can eat pizza place, where we proceeded to eat for an hour and a half–and I mean eat. Very little talking occurred at our table of four. I’m pretty sure I ate the equivalent of a large pizza by myself–not to mention the salad, cheesy bread and cinnamon rolls…oh, the cinnamon rolls. John finally asked the waitress to just leave a stack of plates so we wouldn’t have to ask for clean ones every time we went back to the pizza/salad bar.

We stayed in a private cabin–the room was small but had a TV/VCR with a large selection of videos. We spent way too much time watching old episodes of Friends, but boy was it relaxing.

Since we arrived in Erwin on a Sunday, we decided to take a zero day on Monday so we could make it to the barber shop (I had 6 inches cut off) and the Post Office to get the SIX boxes our family and friends sent us as well as do some housekeeping type things like pay bills. The second night we decided to get fancy and stay at the Holiday Inn Express, splitting the cost of a room with another couple–you guessed it Speedy Gonzales and Supa Chef.

I will say that the best part of this town stop has been the easy access to showers. In the day and a half that we’ve been here, we’ve both taken four showers with another one planned the morning before we head to the trail.

Next stop. . . Damascus, where the trail runs right through town and hopefully, the mountains are molehills.

P1030751So everyone found out where we were picking up our mail drop...LOTS of gear and food to root through. Sheesh. But we got through it all! Thanks!

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  1. Shannon permalink
    May 6, 2011

    Glad you got the boxes. :)

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