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Trail Magic!

2011 April 27

Well, it seems I’ve finally broken by streak of . . . . muggle-ness? As we were descending into Allen Gap we saw a sign heralding nearby trail magic. At this point I was trying not to get my hopes up just to have them dashed due to an old sign someone forgot to take down. There was a date and time listed on the sign, so it took us a few minutes to figure out exactly what day it was and were astonished to see that the trail magic was happening at that VERY moment. So we excitedly walked up the road to a beautiful log cabin. We were graciously welcomed into the home of John and Jodie Nelson (past thru-hikers Hercules and FAL), who placed cloth napkins on our laps and fed us Belgian waffles, pork stew, and HUGE brownie sundaes. We ate, talked and played with their dog for more than two hours. Once we headed back to the trail, we quickly realized our folly–we were way too full to hike! We only did a few more miles before we lethargically reached the closest shelter and set up camp. But, oh, it was worth it. The food was Ah-MAZE-ing. I figure if I was going to break into the “Trail Magic” scene with everyone else, that was definitely the place to do it.

But wait . . . we had MORE trail magic. Just a few days later we were planning on stopping at a shelter to refill our water bottles and eat a quick snack. That’s when we noticed another sign indicating that there would be trail magic 2.4 miles up the trail where the AT intersected I-26. The only catch was the trail magic was only until 2:30 pm and it was already 1:35pm. Could we make 2.4 miles in one hour? Well, we decided it was worth a try. We figured getting water would only slow us down and since it was only an hour, we couldn’t possibly be that thirsty before we got there. Well we made in less than an hour–you should’ve seen John. He was walking so fast, I had to run sometimes just to keep sight of him! When we got to Sam’s Gap, a past thru-hiker (Quiet Paul–who lived up to his name by responding to questions with merely a "yes" or "no") was serving up scrambled eggs, sausages, hash browns, fresh oranges and homemade muffins. This time though, we had learned our lesson and didn’t stuff ourselves–we had 6 more miles to hike.

Trail magic is one of our favorite things on the trail. It’s really extraordinary how friendly and kind people are out here. It’s one of the things I hope to take away from this whole experience–it costs so little to look out for others.

R-to-L: SupaChef, Speedy Gonzolas, Berkie, Survivorman, Chopper Bear, The Conversation

R-to-L: Hercules, FAL, Chopper Bear

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    April 27, 2011

    THAT is WAY cool…

  2. Krista permalink
    April 27, 2011

    THAT is WAY cool!!!

  3. Sherry Deig permalink
    April 27, 2011

    I love to hear about your guys’ adventures! What a cool thing you are doing.

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