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Those pesky last-minute details…

2011 February 18

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So Elizabeth and I have been spending a lot of time lately preparing to go on our “long walk”. When you start planning for a 6-month trip you acknowledge at some level how complicated it will be to coordinate everything. But until you actually start trying to do it, you have no idea.

I have to give Elizabeth most of the credit here. She has been taking care of things like:

  • What do we do with our cars?
  • What about insurance on cars we’re not driving?
  • What bills will come up while we’re gone?
  • Who is watching the house?
  • What gear will simply wear out while we’re on the trail? Can we buy more of it now?
  • We will have stuff mailed to us. We need to organize, label, inventory, box up, and deliver to our Secret Santa
  • How do we get to the trail head and not leave a car there for six months? Ditto for the trail’s end.

It seems like every day or so we come up with something else we didn’t think about. I’m excited to “check out” for six months, but getting ready may just kill us!

You know how you have to work like crazy to get everything in order to be gone from work while you take that two week vacation? Yeah, it’s like that only there’s MORE of it.

I better go. I have an application to finish, taxes to file, hard drives to buy, and hardware to test.

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