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Our long walk is closing in

2010 December 7

We’ve been making our final preparations for our Appalachian Trail (AT) hike. There are few major planning hurdles yet to overcome, but all in all things are coming together. It’s … freaky being so close.

We’ve planned our time off from work–almost 6 months, so hopefully there are still jobs waiting for us when we get back! We have tried our best to plan for every contingency but if the world goes sideways while we’re gone who knows?

We’ve purchased at least the first pass of our gear. I say the first pass because a lot of it will need to be repurchased after wearing out. I mean it’s 2200 miles so we WILL need new shoes. Maybe new clothes? Who knows. I hope we only need one tent — the one we have is nice (read: expensive) so hopefully it lasts.

Elizabeth has done a great job planning our town stops to pick up food, and she’s combined that with the pace we ought to be keeping so we’ll be generally on schedule as we hike.

Other than that, there’s not much else we can do until we’re out there. I mean it’s just hiking all day every day, right? how much planning do we need to do other than tending our home while we’re gone?

So now all I can think about is how close March 1 is, and how LATE it got cold in Indiana. If that’s any indicator, then March will be a pretty nippy month to be out hiking in the mountains! I’m pretty sure we’ll be hiking through snow the only question is how much? I think I may shut down if the snow is up to my knee.

One lingering question we have is about blogging. We’ll be taking lots of photos and want to blog regularly. We’re taking our iPhones, but we’re not thrilled with the idea of blogging with photos from that small of a device. While we will blog (probably weekly) from them, we’d prefer something like a netbook or iPad in our bounce box to pick up at the post office once a month to download pictures, compose a longer, more graphic blog, and upload/back up photos. Has anyone out there had any experience using an iPad for that sort of thing? Or how about having a computer in a bounce box while hiking? I’d welcome your suggestions!

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