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So long, old friend. We've both grown attached to one another (literally).

2010 October 7
by John
The actual shaving took place almost two weeks ago now, but it’s taken me a while to get myself to an emotional state where I could post about it. I wish I could have handled it, I really do. I had dreams of being able to stick pens and pencils in there, braiding it on date night, and being everything “lesser men” (of the beardless variety) aspired to be.
But then I decided it wasn’t worth it.



So anyone who saw me after the John Muir Trail adventure knows I had become… burly. I was having trouble keeping this thing under control, and found myself combing it every morning and every night! Way too much trouble, and I was starting to feel like Marcia Brady, always combing and counting the strokes to make it “silky smooth”


… just after the first swipe of the razor. The picture doesn’t do justice to just how long those hairs were! But you’ll notice they had even started curling.

03Same thing, wider shot. Just. So. Bushy.


After cutting both sides, I looked distinctly Jewish, don’t you think?


06I almost stuck with this look, but I usually played with the hair on my chin as I contemplated life and other things. It would get all twisted up, so I went the next step.


07Obligatory Fu Man Chu shot. Because I wasn’t shaving it ALL off I didn’t have the guts to go down to the chin skin. I like the Ming Dynasty look though.



… Aaaaand we’re done. After 8 weeks, my facial hair is finally shorter than the hair on my head.

For those curious about “what’s under there?” I will likely never, ever, shave the whole thing off. The last time I did was in college when Elizabeth and I were still dating. Her response:

Huh, that’s different. Please never do that again

and I can still feel the pain.

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  1. Marcie Dedrick permalink
    October 24, 2010

    Just checkin’ up on your website. . . it had been awhile and I chuckled good-naturedly at your post. I had NO IDEA it was so thick. That is so incredibly awesome. I also had never really thought about the fact that you have had some sort of facial hair since college. I don’t think of you as having facial hair and (apparently) you have NEVER BEEN WITHOUT IT IN OVER 10 YEARS. I find my lack of perception disturbing. Hmmm. But I find YOU, hilarious. :) Love you brother, even if you go back to burly.

    • John permalink*
      October 29, 2010

      LOL — Your lack of perception isn’t really that disturbing. When you think about it you’re just more like a guy in that way. I mean I never really think of you as having legs, but there you are, standing right on them! 😉

      Glad I could entertain. I try to post a mix out here of helpful/serious and just whatever pops into my head.

      Love you too!

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