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Yosemite National Park

2010 August 16
by Elizabeth

We’ve got a few days to kill, so we decided to head back to Yosemite. We took a bus as far as Mammoth Lakes and then randomly met this guy at McDonalds who offered to drive us as far as the the Mobile gas station near the eastern park entrance. This gas station is known as the “Rockin'” Mobile Station because they have live music 2-3 days a week and a 5 star chef on the premises. So we stuck around– the band was good and the food was even better. We also scored a free place to park our tent- in our new friend, Gary’s, backyard–only a 5 minute walk from the Mobile station. It was a pretty primo spot looking out over Lake Mono– at least we thought so until 10pm when the sprinklers came on and started spraying right into our tent! I had to hang half out of the tent to hold the fly down to keep water out. Thankfully the sprinklers were only on a 15 minute cycle, because my arms were cramping up–not sure I would have made it much longer. And where was John during this whole fiasco? Laughing hysterically on the dry side of the tent. Ok, he was actually trying to keep the whole tent from collapsing because I was pulling the fly down so hard on my side, the tent had come unstaked. He was still laughing hysterically though.

We’ve spent the last four days exploring Yosemite National Park. When we were here at the beginning of the hike we were here only to get our permit and to hike in the backcountry so we didn’t do any of the touristy stuff. This time around we saw all the famous landmarks: half dome, el capitan, cathedral peaks, yosemite falls, vernal falls, etc. We even bought the t-shirts to prove it. :) Unfortunately, if you don’t have a car, yosemite is not that easy to get around and it’s surprisingly hard to hitch. Every time we hitched it took more than an hour to get someone to pick us up. Apparently we give out a serial killer vibe or something. Maybe it’s John’s crazy looking 3-week beard?

Yosemite is a beautiful park and I hope all 3 people that read our blog visit at some point. It’s totally worth the long trek out here.

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  1. Jack Hasenmyer permalink
    August 16, 2010

    Reminds me of a night Suz and I tried to set up a tent IN THE DARK, IN THE RAIN, IN A TRAILER PARK! Trailer parks have the ground rolled HARD for trailers. We broke every stake trying to drive into the ground.
    We were located right on the highway and the noise was terrific. We also noticed our lantern cast our sillouhettes onto the tent for all those traveling by to see. Ah, the memories!

    • John permalink*
      August 17, 2010

      That’s hilarious! Isn’t it interesting how the absolute worst trips are the ones we remember as the funniest AFTER the fact? Kind of like our ill-fated Florida vacation. :)

  2. Brian Baldauf permalink
    August 16, 2010

    Glad you were able to cap off the end of your trip throughout Yosemite….though I can’t imagine hitching my way around there. We live in Los Angeles and are lucky enough to visit at least once a year, Glacier Point is my favorite place there. I had been thinking of trying to do the JMT the last two years, but not made time or trained enough….so it has been fun reading about your preparations and trip. Seems like you made a good decision of stopping while you could, I’ve been in the same predicament and always end up glad to have played it safe. Hope you have a safe trip home.


    • Liz permalink*
      August 17, 2010

      Even though we had to leave the JMT early it was still an awesome trip. If we can find the time, we’d like to go out again next summer and finish the last 70-ish miles. Maybe you could join us?

      We weren’t in top shape–nothing like huffing and puffing at 10,000 feet to get in shape though!

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