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A Typical Backpacking Trip

2010 August 16
by Elizabeth

Day 1
You are so excited to be out in the wilderness and away from it all.

Days 2-3
Can’t sleep, so you are exhausted and all you can think of is how heavy your pack is and how much your feet hurt.

Days 4-6
You are finally sleeping well at night, but now you’re starving and wish there was something else to eat other than GORP and mushy reconstituted foods. And your feet hurt. All the time.

Days 7-9
You’re still hungry, but that feeling is now eclipsed by the desire to shower. And your feet still hurt. All the time.

Days 10-?
You have now reached a routine: eat, walk, eat, walk some more, eat, sleep, eat and walk some more. Oh, and your feet still hurt.

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