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Bishop, California

2010 August 11
by Elizabeth

We made it to the town of Bishop! We hurried out of the park in only one night, hiking 14 miles and man did my feet ever pay the price! While on the trail we meet three kayakers who were carrying their 90lbs of gear OVER Bishop Pass (elevation 11972 ft) because the water level had dropped and they couldn’t paddle out. They were out of food so we gave them some of ours and in exchange they offered us a ride into Bishop if we could make it to the trailhead by 8pm that night. So we boogied it out, walking in the trails in the dark for the last 40 minutes or so. Once we finally made it to the parking lot– no ride. We waited around for about 30 minutes. Still no ride and no sign of the kayakers either. They were carrying tons of weight over the pass so they probably weren’t gonna be there for awhile, but the ride was “guaranteed” to be there at 8pm.

We walked along the dark highway for about a mile before we came across an RV campground. We asked if anyone could drive us into Bishop with no luck, but the owners graciously offered us a rental RV for free! And they allowed us to shower for free! Plus the next day they drove us the 30 minutes into Bishop for free too! So here’s a shout-out to the owners of Parchers Resort and Rainbow Rides for the free stay! Visit them online at

After we made it to Bishop we spent two nights recuperating at the Vegabond Inn. It took me two showers and a long bath before I felt clean. We even spent a little time by the pool and went to an outfitter and got fitted for new shoes. Hopefully my new ones fit better than my old ones and my next hike will be blister free! After only two days, routine showers, clean socks, lots of bandaids and neosporin, my blisters started looking and feeling a lot better. I’ve even stopped hobbling everywhere I go. My Achilles still hurts so I think we made the right decision when we exited the trail. I just wish we had enough time to go back out and finish before our flight. Maybe next summer we’ll come back out.

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  1. Jack Hasenmyer permalink
    August 16, 2010

    What a trip! What memories! What blisters! Looking forward to a “play by play”.

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