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Burnt, blistered, bitten and beat

2010 July 31
by Elizabeth

We made it from Thousand Island Lake to the Devil’s Postpile National Monument for a total of 17.4 miles! Shew. That should be our longest hike of the trip. Our feet hurt and both of us have several blisters and we spent most of the day on high ridges in full sun and didn’t reapply sunscreen. Oops. The mosquitos are INSANE. There is no getting away from them. At dinner we have to wear our rain gear. We’ve perfected what I like to call the mosquito dance which includes running in place while windmilling your arms and inanely saying things like “this is crazy” or I can’t believe how many there are” as if the other person isn’t experiencing the exact same situation.

By the time we got to Devils Postpile most of campgrounds were full and we were just plain beat, so after we discovered we could get a shuttle to the nearby town of Mammoth Lakes and stay in a hotel we jumped on it! We were able to get the very last room at the quality inn. We got to shower and eat fantastic food at a local restaurant, washed all our clothes in the hotel sink with soap and the best part, slept in a bed. I don’t think that last one will be an option until the end of our trek in 13 days!

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