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Day 2: McClure Creek to Thousand Island Lake

2010 July 29
by Elizabeth

This morning we woke up early-ish and beat the mosquitoes to the trail. Woot! Unfortunately they chased us down and made us pay for our transgression.

However, we still successfully crossed Donahue Pass before lunch to gain a total of 2000 ft over two miles. The pass also took us out of Yosemite and into Ansel Adams Wilderness Area, park two of our trek. It was rough but we were fresh so we got up there with no problems. The descent took about a third the time, and left us gently rolling though high altitude meadows most of the afternoon.

Overall the day was filled with even more stunning scenery. We saw lots of animals (no bears OR cougars), and a LOT of mountains and snow. We spent most of the day around or above 10,000 ft looking down on valleys as well.

We rounded off the day with yet another ascent we didn’t care all that much for, but it ended at Thousand Island Lake which is absolutely amazing to camp next to.

Personally we love being out here. It’s spiritual for both of us, and we have plenty of time to talk and laugh while we walk (if we’re not going uphill that is). However, our feet aren’t as hardened as they could have been and the miles are more than they’re ready for-especially on mostly all rock. We’re just waiting for the day when that’s not our biggest conversation topic over dinner, but until then we’ll just hurt at night. :) Tomorrow is one of our biggest mile days too. While it’s mostly downhill (and that has challenges of its own), there are some ‘stiff ascents’ in there.

So we’ll see how that goes eh? If we make it to our destination tomorrow there will be free, hot, thermal showers in the morning! God be praised! :)

I think that’s it for the night.

Happy trails!

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  1. kevin majeski permalink
    July 31, 2010

    I’m so jealous!!! Sounds amazing.

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